anorexia bulimia careWelcome to ABC's learning area 

ABC stands for Anorexia and Bulimia Care and is a registered UK charity which exists to support the needs of those suffering with eating disorders and those caring both personally and professionally for them.

With that aim, ABC also produces education materials and runs training events and campaigns to educate, increase awareness and disseminate information regarding eating disorders.

This learning area has been produced by ABC initially for secondary school teachers and students, both sufferers and their friends to enable them to understand what eating disorders are (and why people develop them); what to do if you suspect or discover someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, and how to support them.  If you’re not a student or teacher, please take time to explore the courses as they will benefit anyone who has an interest in understanding eating disorders, their symptoms, causes, history and research.

The site has been produced as a tribute to Laura Willmott who lost her life to Anorexia Nervosa at the age of 18. Laura was passionate about education and so the fundraising efforts of her family have enabled ABC to create this site through the Forget-Me-Not-Appeal.

This site is currently being developed for other user groups listed below and includes links to other useful websites and resources to disseminate, encourage and support best practice throughout the world. As such, any feedback to either the present or future content would be most welcome. Please feedback your comments to:

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