Perhaps one of the hardest things to deal with about struggling with an eating disorder is feeling so alone. Eating disorders make you want to withdraw and spend more and more time on your own, and it’s really hard enough to try and understand what’s going on with yourself let alone trying to explain or get support and help from those close to you. Your change in behaviour can put immense pressure on your close relationship but also a lot of general socialising involves food, so having an eating disorder can put a lot of pressure on any general relationship. The worst feeling can be feeling so terribly alone even when there are lots of people around you - perhaps at a party, or at school, college or work. Somehow an eating disorder makes you feel that no one really understands you - that a large part of your life is in a secret cut-off world that no one else can get into.

This learning area will be developed to help give you more support and practical suggestions to help you. We also hope that you might read about recovery and how to get there, so that you might want to start your own journey to recovery. You’ll get encouragement from the short narratives of others who have ‘walked in your shoes’ and who have now recovered. Do please remember that there are literally hundreds and thousands of people struggling just like you every day - and that's just in this country! Add to that the thousands who have recovered from an eating disorder and who remember just what it is like to feel the way you do.

Right now you can get immediate advice and support from ABC’s telephone help line or by email. Call 03000 11 12 13 option 2, or email: You’ll get a friendly, understanding and completely confidential response from staff that all have huge empathy and experience of people with eating disorders.

You can also get more information from the publications we've produced. (See: We also run an Anorexia Bulimia Care on-line community through which is free to join. Here you can ask questions and obtain responses from others in a positive recovery focused way. Health Unlocked is recommended by NHS Choices and is moderated by Health Unlocked staff as well as a trustee of ABC. And if you’re a student please view our Education course.

If you are concerned whether you or your friend has an eating disorders, please click access our 'tbh' material that you can access through the 'Young People' course.

If you want to know more generally about eating disorders, we have created an  an interactive learning resource for you (below) called 'About Eating Disorders'.

We hope this will be very helpful to you. To access this course material, you need to become a Friend of ABC. Please contact or telephone: 03000 11 12 13 Option 4 and become a friend. ABC will then provide you with the details you need to access this material, register as a site user and obtain your password.

Introduction to eating disorders.